Our History

Our History

Our History

Solidity, respect to our values, innovative management and a unique culture.

With more than 25 years of history, Armac was founded in São Paulo, at first, to serve local clients in small construction and infrastructure projects. Since then, Armac grew following a consistent path, always respecting its core principles, with an innovative approach to management and an inimitable culture. Upon these pillars, a company of dreamers is being built, a company that daily renew its commitment to always deliver the best to its customers and to the world.

  1. 1994

    Years after buying his first machine – with which he worked autonomously, providing earthworks services – José Augusto Carvalho Aragão, along with his wife, Lúcia Rosa Pereira Aragão, formally founded Armac Locação e Equipamentos Ltda. Until 2009 the company kept its original focus: local clients and small projects.

  2. 2009

    Foreseeing growth opportunities in new segments, the company opted to prioritize the rental of machines and heavy equipment – at that point, these machines were being used as work tools by the family who were providing services with the same equipment that now would be rented.

  3. 2013

    After a few years operating as a machine rental company, in 2013, José Augusto Pereira Aragão, the youngest of the founders’ sons, joined the company. The goal he had in mind was to reshape the way by which heavy equipment were rented in Brazil. He started by making a revision of the company’s positioning and long-term strategy. Despite Armac’s small stature at the time, the company assumed the role of protagonist in the market.

  4. 2015

    After five years working in the financial industry, Fernando Pereira Aragão, also son of the founders, joined Armac. Fernando’s first missions were to help his brother implement the company’s new strategy and strengthen Armac’s commercial ability.

  5. 2018

    With a business model focused on the client and targeted to provide operational efficiency and cost reduction, Armac began to gain clients’ trust throughout the country. Its superior numbers and performance made the company one of the most important players in the Brazilian heavy machine and equipment rental industry.

  6. 2020

    With an intent to accelerate the business’ growth, the SPEED investment fund – managed by Gávea Investimentos – invested R$125 million on Armac, enabling a new pace of investment and growth for the company. Armac ended 2020 with a fleet of 1.046 equipment and a steady growth.

  7. 2021

    Facing the new market challenges, and willing to undertake the so needed strategies for the business growth in the long term, Armac decided to launch its Initial Public Offering (IPO) at B3. Also, the company decided to reposition its brand becoming more clearly aligned with the concept of asset sharing.

    with the objective of expanding its operations, Armac concludes the process of acquring RCB and Bauko Movimentação, bringing even more diversification to the portfolio, financial, strenght and operationnal scale.