Our business model is based on improving the asset’s efficiency: we avoid the waste of natural resources.

Circular Economy

The asset sharing business model contributes directly to a circular economy.


Our experience in remanufacturing enables the enhancement of the equipment’s life span (10 to 15 years): we thrive to make the most out of our machines.


Armac’s Asset Sharing business model also optimizes the fleet utilization: the option to rent a machine avoids the purchase of an equipment that would be idle and unproductive for long periods of time.

Our experience in maintenance assures that the equipment are always working at their best performance


Our standard maintenance procedures can reduce fuel consumption during the engine’s lifetime by up to 15%.


We generate reports about the use of our equipment in order to orient consumers on how to reduce fuel consumption.

Our inclusive and meritocratic culture provides the perfect environment for the personal development of our employees


We provide technical education for underprivileged, although talented, people. As part of our team, these people can become mechanicians, welders, electricians, painters or truck drivers in 1 to 2 years


The company offers a structured career plan that can get to a three-digit yearly total compensation, stock options and benefits that are above the industry average.